Sample Application

Can I take samples? How long does it take to provide a test sample?

Yes, you can. Once you have a sales consultation with our team and pay the deposit, you can apply for samples. It approximately takes two to three weeks, depending on the requirements.

Product Research

What products can you make?

We provide our customers with basic skin-care products, makeup products, health-care products, medicine, slimming and detox products, private-care products, oral health, and nutrition products.

How to ensure that your formula is high-quality?

Our factory strictly complies with GMP, ISO and IAQ (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure that quality of our production meets international requirements.

Do I have to provide you with my own formula? If not, would you give me one? 

• If you already have a formula, we will be happy to produce based on your formula. 

• If you want a patented formula, our internal R&D team will develop unique formulas that meet your requirements. 

• If you want to launch your product quickly, you can also consider using our existing formulas.

Design & packaging

Can you help me with my product design? 

Our internal design and marketing team will assist in order to meet your requirements. In addition, we will assist in designing unique brands and logos, product designs and packaging.

Can I choose my packaging? 

We offer a variety of ready-made packaging for you to choose from. If your order exceeds the quantity requirement, we can also provide you with a customized package design.

Order and Receive Time

Do you charge any fees of development? 

• For existing formulas, we do not charge for the trial sample, except for the express fee. 

• There will be fees of development if customizing recipe. Our sales team will provide you with detailed advice based on your requirements.

Do you have the requirement for the minimum order? 

• We usually require the orders with customized formulas to exceed 10,000 units at least.

How long is required for delivery?

• If you choose our existing formula and the existing package, products will be delivered approximately 4-8 weeks after the first payment.

• It takes 12 weeks if you choose a customized formula and our packaging. 

• We recommend booking a minimum of 6 months from development to delivery so that we can develop the most suitable formula and sufficient productivity.

How can I place an order? 

• If you choose our existing formula, please contact us to let us know the product and quantity you need. Next, we will send you a quote via email and you will place a purchase order (PO). 

• If you choose a customized formula, please submit the requirements for product and quantity. Our sales consultants will provide you with product advice. After the approval, we will send you a quote via email and you will place a purchase order (PO).