Why Choose Us

To ensure your success, we provide professional consulting services, product registration/award certification, R&D, manufacture and packaging, transportation support, management system support, media support, consultancy services for brand creation, consultancy services for marketing plan, consultancy services for market plans.

1. Professional Consulting Services

We have professional and improved processes for product developments, design, manufacturing, and packaging product. We always strive to improve our technology, develop new products, and enhance quality, so we can quickly respond to the various changes in market demands, and offer our customers the best development suggestions. Furthermore, we have assigned experts to answer any demand or problem of production.

2. Product Registration/Award Certification

With years of stable network and wealth of experience, we can help accelerate your government-requested product registrations and allow you to set foot into the market swiftly. As a partner of the Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEFF) and the International Association for the Advancement of Quality (IAQ), we can help customers apply for international certifications and awards of various products to create mainstream brand images in the course of the development.

3. R&D, Manufacture and Packaging

Fill the product into the selected container and finish the overall packaging. Our fully automatic filling and packaging machines can handle up to 3,000 bottles per revolution. We elaborately design the convenient, safe, and unique product packaging for extending the lifetime of products and ensuring usability.

4. Transportation Support

Our brother company, EASYSPAD, is able to solve all of the transportation problems for our customers, such as: domestic transportation, overseas transportation, warehousing, logistics packaging, warehouse management system, etc., which will allow customers to save more time, so as to more focus on market development and earn more profits.

5. Management System Support

Our brother company, PRIMAL TECHNOLOGY BERHAD can offer the best network platform for enterprise operation according to various types of enterprises, leading to easier communication between agents and customers, and more convenient logistics and warehouse, as well as clear accounts and data reports, which help in saving a lot of administrative time.

6. Media Support

Our parent company, HWT GROUP BERHAD, owns three top magazines and online media in Southeast Asia, including Top Corporate Leader, Me Magazine and, Zhengda Business with readers covering most business people, investors, and office staff in Malaysia. They can help customers advertise effectively in establish mainstream brand images and give the correct advertising channel recommendation, ensuring a great profit in return.

7. Consultancy Services for Brand Creation

We have the teams of designers, photographers, and brand consultants who have served the world’s top 500 companies for the process from product design to brand image. We can help customers’ products or individuals’ to present in the market with the best brand positioning, and whether it is the corporate brand, product brand, or personal brand, we can perfectly deal with it.

8. Consultancy services for Marketing Plan

With our experience in business operations and real cases in the product market, we can help our customers in better developing and promoting marketing plans, planning events and preferential policies, and so on to create the greatest value for customers.

9. Consultancy Services for Market Plans

With our understanding of the market plans of companies in the product market and the years of experience on judging plans, we can help our customers in developing the highly competitive agency systems, entities affiliate programs, and international cooperation program.