All our projects begin by meeting with our clients to define the project brief. Our chemists and account managers work closely and collaboratively with you to understand your brand, your customers and your objectives so we can develop a plan which is bespoke to your needs.

With a plan in place, our customer service team and procurement team support our projects throughout – keeping you in the loop and working with our team to ensure everything is kept to specifications and deadlines.

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Our chemists and quality control team bring your product to life. Their work is responsible for developing hundreds of exceptional, premium brands which sold worldwide and constantly celebrated in prestigious awards.

​On behalf, our project manager will work closely to the project brief to build on the vision for your product, and assisting you on branding, marketing, sales, & management.


  • Product Formulation & Development
  • Product Testing
  • Packing Material Sourcing
  • Labelling & Packaging Design
  • Product Registration
  • Packaging Printing
  • Branding Consulting Service
  • Marketing Consulting Service
  • Sales Consulting Service
  • Management Consulting Service